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Mz Dezy is a young woman who used blogging as a means of therapy when things were hitting rock bottom. An assignment was given to seek out activities that uplifted her spirit and mood. Discovering the new hobby of writing, self-care, and rediscovering a love for gardening helped to maintain accountability for the new changes that were to unfold in her life. A new lifestyle change that involved incorporating a more natural and care-free living was started. Out of this new journey sprouted Naturally MzDezy. The name represents a lot of love and nostalgia that is a must share. Along this road, a passion for maternal support within marginalized communities was gained. Naturally MzDezy is a peek at reflections of self-discovery, exploration, life lessons, expression, a touch of alchemy, and ordinary fun that is shared by Mz Dezy herself. We handcraft our products in small batches with love, and even incorporate house grown botanicals when possible. Check it out for yourself!

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