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Holiday Reflection

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Update: This blog entry was originally written in 2015 while thinking about the upcoming holiday season. Emotions are always flowing during this time of year for me. My Holiday Reflection post is still very relevant today in 2020.

My best Christmas memories are from my childhood. Spending time with my closest relatives..the decorations, helping in the kitchen, knowing how hard my parents worked to go beyond my needs and to fulfill all of my wants. In hindsight this is all true and deeply valued. In the moment some of these occasions may have been underappreciated.

As I have gotten older, Christmas and holidays are more about reminiscing, remembering loved ones, realizing true friendships, celebrating life and less about material things. This year, 2014, I have been able to accomplish my goals with my degrees and homeownership. These are the best gifts that I could have given myself. I wish that I could share these moments with my Dad, Grandad, Great-Grandma, Uncle Bo, and others that have passed. I strive for greatness in their memory and honor, as well as for myself.

I have also been given a gift of great friendships. Time and distance has not been able to drive a wedge in between my closest friendships. We may not see each other often or speak everyday, but when we connect it is as if we were never apart. Receiving something when you expect nothing is a great feeling. This includes non-material presents, such as presence. If I have not thoroughly expressed it, I want to say, “Thank you”. This is to everyone that supported me at my milestones this year. To look into a crowd and see familiar faces that came to see me is one of the best feelings ever.

You heard it here first. I am a goal setter and a bar raiser! Work towards my 2015 list of goals begun soon after I crossed off goal #1 of 2014. Keep your eyes open for what I do next.

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