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Self Care is Not Selfish

Everyone needs time to recharge and to refill their cup. Taking a few precious moments to do things that are meaningful doesn't make you selfish. No one is able to pour into anyone or anything if they're not full. You can't be fully available for a moment if you're running on empty. Self care is different for everyone. There is no universal fit for what it means.

Yoga, crystals, and sage don't have to be the blanket items when it comes to self care -- Though they can be a part of it. Designating time to read a book before bed, enjoy a moment with a cup of tea, play your favorite game, get a few reps in at the gym, walk to the mailbox while listening to birds, and even unwinding with a hot bath are all self care examples. We are in control of finding our peace. Selfish and self care don't go together, unless you're depriving yourself of it! When was the last time that you took a moment to step away and care for yourself?

It's important to keep the mind balanced and at peace, especially with the hectic bustle of life. Naturally MzDezy encourages self care in whatever manner it manifests for you. Give it a trial run by designating a day of the week to give yourself 30 minutes. Listen to music, meditate, light a candle, start a puzzle, journal, etc. Turn off any distractions during that full 30 minutes and really focus on yourself. Increase the time if you see fit.

Let's normalize self care. Pick up some self care tools in our shop and get started. What does self care mean to you?

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